Telangana Gets 450 More MBBS Seats

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Telangana Gets 450 More MBBS Seats

Telangana Gets 450 More MBBS Seats : In Telangana MBBS seats 450 added to Medical colleges.Supreme Court-Mandated Oversight Committee On Medical Council of India (SCMOCMCI) granted permission to three new Medical colleges. So previous 1,900 MBBS seats increased to 2,350 in private medical colleges for the 2016-2017 academic year. EAMCET-3 (convener quota) & NEET-2 (management quota)candidates will try to this seats through counselling.

Telangana Medical Seats Raised for 450:

RVM Medical college, Mulugu mandal (Medak); Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranga Reddy; and Maheshwara Medical College, Patancheru are three new Medical colleges had letter of permission to start admissions 150 MBBS seats each college for 2016-2017 year.The total number of MBBS seats in Telangana now is 3,350 seats,six Government medical colleges filled by  1,000 seats and private colleges filled by 2,350 seats, students use this opportunity to drag Medical college admission.

Telangana Medical Seats Total 3350 Seats

The Supreme Court-appointed oversight committee for inspect 3 new Medical colleges, SCMOCMCI leave a rider in point 3.2 (a) on page 17 states that gave a chance to three colleges for the sake of Medical students.After September 30th the 3 Medical colleges are re inspected again for enquire about fulfilling of staff and remaining construction works are to be completed

Telangana Medical seats 1000 Govt + 2350 Private Seats

SCMOCMCI take voice of 'Dr K Ramesh Reddy, MCI member, adding that if these colleges were later to blacklisted for two years, medicos would suffer'.May be RVM medical college, promoted by RVM Charitable Trust, Karimnagar,  it send a letter to Telangana state health secretary regarding how it could have granted essentially certificate (EC) to the college to apply to the MCI for permission in the first place. Second one RVM college will be completed their construction works and start the clinical operations nearly. Third one is Maheshwara Medical College, Patancheru, and Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranga Reddy 17 deficiencies of each before starting of colleges for the academic year 2016 to 2017

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